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JES Partner offices 

Timothy  Jobber (Germany)


Consultancy, change management, international export

Experience : 30 years
Categories : Technology, fashion, accessories, wine/spirits, F&B
Regions : Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa
Languages : English, German

David T Roberts (U.K. and Latvia)

Senior Director

Experience : 30 years

Responsibilities  : Team lead for the JES Partner Porgramme "Brand Ambassadorr" model

Sectors : Airports, in-flight, clearance, domestic

Regions : Global

Language : English

Additional : Co-founder International Brands Group


Consultant / Senior manager

Experience : 16 years

Categories : Confectionery, watches, sunglasses

Sectors : Airports, border stores

Regions : The Americas, Switzerland

Languages : English, French, Spanish, German

Additional : Co-founder International Brands Group

Consultant / Buyer 

Experience : 16 years

Categories : Tech, music, souvenirs, perfume

Sectors : Airport, in-flight 

Regions : Middle East

Language : English

Oscar Menezes (U.K.)

Consultant / Manager

Experience : 17 years

Categories : Multiple.

Sectors : Ground stores

Regions : The Americas

Language : English

Wise Precision Business Consulting (U.S.A.)

Distributor & Brand ambassador

Experience : 15 years

Categories : Multiple

Sectors : In-Flight, airport, downtown, eCommerceGround stores

Regions : Asia

Language : Korean, Japanese, English

Pegasus Duty Free (Korea)

P. Ager Photography (U.K.)

Photographer & Creative services

Experience : 37 years

Categories : Product, still, lifestyle, life.

Sectors : Multiple

Regions : Global

Language : English

Phil Peachey Media consultancy (U.K.)

Consultant / Media & data analyist

Experience : 20 years

Categories : Multiple.

Sectors : All sectors

Regions : Global

Language : English

The following offices are members of the

JES Travel retail and JES recruitmenTR and offer expertise across the

the widest possible aspects connected to global

travel retail 

Guisan Consultancy (Mexico and Switzerland)


Sandip S. Roy Data (India)

Market Research Consultant

Experience : 22 years

Categories : Multiple.

Sectors : Ground Store

Secondary and primary research & mystery shopping

Regions : India & SE Asia

Language : English, Hindi, Bengali, Oriya 

Phil Dallaire (Canada)

TikTok Coaching

Categories : Multiple.

Platforms : TikTok,  Instagram, Pinterest

Regions : Global 

Language : French and English 

Gustamus (Germany)

Key account management 

Experience : 15 years

Categories : Fine food and F&B

Sectors : All

Region : DACH

Language : German, English

Karen Noronha (UAE, India, and the U.S.)


Experience : 12 years 

Categories : All 

Sectors : Airport

Regions : Global

Language : English

Christine Martin (U.K.)

Recruitment coaching & services

Experience : 25 years 

Categories : All

Sectors : All

Regions : Global

Language : English

With new category, regional and sector projects being contracted on a regular basis, if you are a consultant with the relevant experience contact us to discuss partner programmes membership.  All queries naturally held with the utmost confidentiality.

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