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About JES 

JMS was registered in 1995 by current owner Tim Jobber  in Dusseldorf, Germany and originally specialised in duty free representation for brands wishing to enter into, or expand within, the NATO forces in central & southern Europe, the British forces in Germany, the South Atlantic and Africa in addition to conflict zones in the Middle East, and the former Yugoslavia.

In 1997 JMS opened its first duty paid warehouse in order to provide a collection and service model for it's consumer electronic brands.

Following an exclusive agreement with the British government military retail operation NAAFI in 1999 a bonded duty free warehouse was opened on the German / Dutch border.  The warehouse work as a consolidated logistics centre for the British forces NAAFI stores across 13 locations in North Germany and, through consolidated bonded warehousing faciities in Belgium, the former Yugoslavia, the Ascension islands and The Falkland islands.   The logistics operation was sold in 2002 but returned to JMS shortly afterwards.

2003 saw JMS rebranded as JES as the client portfolio grew and contracts expanded from the original military forces retail business model to a more export based clientele.

In 2011 JMS founder Tim Jobber took up a senior management position within UK based Whitehouse Travel Retail (part of the Whitehouse Leisure Group LLP) and expanded the 3 travel retail exclsusive ranges (gadgets, watches and jewellery) across core sectors in Europe, ME, Asia and Africa

2015 saw the re-branding of JES to its current trading name JES Travel Retail as travel retail became the core business for the organisation.  The following year JES Travel Retail was a co-founder of the travel retail agency network International Brands Group (IBG).

In 2021 JES Travel Retail took over control of IBG and began incorporating its business model into the JES Travel Retail.  A further merger took place in 2023 with JES Travel Retail signing an agreement with established travel retail agency and IBG co-founder Exclusive Brands International (EBI), an organisation that celebrated its 20th anniversary in duty free.

JES recruitmenTR is a division of JES Travel Retail (, a travel retail specialist office providing consultancy and service models to the travel retail sector and with its headquarters in Germany in addition to partner offices across the globe in Canada, U.S.A, Mexico, U.K., Germany, Dubai, India, Korea to name but a few.  The JES Travel Retail office, formerly trading as JMS, was founded in 1995 with the owner, Timothy Mark Jobber, still active in the day to day running of the office and it's divisions, learn more here.

The idea to create a dedicated travel retail website came about after a jobs board was provided on the JES Travel Retail consultancy site with the response being a staggering 100+ countries viewing the website and the single "Jobs board" being the number 1 viewed page on a regular basis.  In the summer of 2022 we introduced a free "Job seekers" page in order to assist those that were looking for roles with equal popularity.

With a sector as unique as travel retail and there being no dedicacted online jobs board, recruitment coaching and talent pool we made the decision in Q3 / 2022 to launch JES recruitmenTR via this website.
We look forward to bringing you a centralised source of all of the roles available in global travel retail whether they be in the airport, in-flight, cruise or ferry sectors and additionally provide you with information on brands that are searching for experienced travel retail talent.

The JES recruitmenTR is adminsitered from Dubai, India and the U.S. by Karen Noronha (, a highly experienced travel retail manager with a career encompassing both luxury brands and the world's number 1 retailer (pre COVID).  Coaching services for CV creation and interview techniques are available from the U.K. by Christine Martin ( who has, over an extensive career in travel retail, run the iconic ISPY (Inflight Sales Person of the Year) and Travel Retail Training programmes in addition to working with global travel retail experts Ethos farm.

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Tim Jobber
Founder & owner JES 

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