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Who we are ...

JES is the central trading name of  JES Travel Retail, a privately registered German based office with over 30 years experience in the global duty free arena.  With a head office on the Belgium border JES has offices in the U.K., Germany, Portugal, U.S., Canada, Middle East, India and Asia.

JES trades under JES Travel Retail and JES recruitmenTR.

What we do ...

We work exclusively within the global travel retail sector whether it be airports, airlines, cruise ships or ferry operators.  Our packages are designed purely for this niche market place.  JES Travel Retail is customised for brands wishing to enter into our expand within the sector with JES recruitmenTR centred on the only online global job boards, recruitment coaching and talent pool dedicated solely to the global travel retail sector.

Why we do it ...

Based on 30 years of experience within the duty free we know the sector "inside and out".  Even for the brands established in traditional retail the travel retail sector is nothing like they have experienced before from the customer demographic, the global logistcal demands, the pricing and forecasting aspects and most importantly whos who.  Where recruitment in the sector is concerned we are providing an all encompassing service that is unique ... we are providing the world's only such service.

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